How to Turn ON a Girl


Turning on a Girl is easy, Whether you’re new to the game or an expert these tips on how to turn on your girl.

Warm her up

The main key to turning a girl on is taking your time. As fast as guys usually get turned on, women need about that much build up. These means you’ll have to lay a little ground work and take the seduction part nice and slow.

Make her feel pretty

It feels good when you find out that someone thinks you’re attractive? That’s what you want to create for her.

Say “Hey, pretty lady” or “Hello, beautiful” when you greet her. It’s simple and short, but direct.

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Complement her

Girls likes to be appreciated, just compliment her. Lower the volume and tone of your voice slightly, and say something like “You look amazing today” “that dress looks beautiful on you” or “I love your eyes.”

Be Yourself

Be the guy who’s honestly kind. Who respects her and thinks she’s more beautiful than the most picturesque sunset. Be the guy who works hard and makes it easier for her to work hard, by helping to shoulder her burdens.

Have confidence

Everyone girl finds a confident man very sexy. Keep your shoulders straight and your chin high, and don’t be afraid to look her in the eyes. You’re communicating through your body language that you’re strong, brave, and worthy of her attention.

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Be smart and Clean

Shower, put on deodorant, shave, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also do your hair and put on a light spray of cologne. Knowing that you’re at your physical best will help you act confident and in-charge.

Be a Gentleman – Know how to treat a lady

Save the dirty jokes and discussions of bodily functions for your guy friends. When you’re with the girl you like, be polite. Use good table manners, hold the door open for her, and say please and thank you. Good manners aren’t necessarily attractive, but bad manners are definitely unattractive, so play it safe.

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