How to turn on a guy while kissing


Looking for a way to really get your guy turned on while kissing?

Its easy, Kissing him should probably do the trick.

Guys are pretty easy. All you have to do is Just don’t force yourself on him, that’s a major turn off

It’s best when you sit on his lap, with your legs around him

Don’t start off with tongue. 
You need to ease your way into a full-fledged make-out session by starting slowly and building up some anticipation. Begin with a few soft, slow kisses (mouths closed) to get things started.

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Close your eyes. 
Keeping your eyes open while kissing will signify to him that you feel uncomfortable, which will in turn make him feel uncomfortable as well. If you feel the need to open them, then pull away for a moment and look him in the eyes. Smile, then lean back in for a kiss.

Use your tongue to gently touch and massage his. Be sure to keep your tongue in motion, and avoid sticking it too deep into his mouth.

Use your hands. 
Don’t just leave your arms dangling at your sides. Place your hands on his shoulders, neck, waist, or back of his head—whatever feels most natural to you.
You don’t have to keep your hands in one spot the whole time; let them move around freely and caress him all over.

Make sure that your breath is fresh before leaning in for a kiss; bad breath is definitely a turn off!


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