How to turn on a woman


Turning ON a woman is not an easy task as most women are different  from the other.

Turning on a woman has everything to do with how attractive she finds you, what your relationship is like and whether she’s in the mood or not. But these guide will help you on how to Turn on a Woman

1. Ask her what turn her ON
Don’t Be Afraid To Ask, Every woman is unique, with her own sexual fantasies and desires. There’s no general rule that applies to all women. That’s why you have to ask her what turns her on.
There’s nothing sexier than a guy willing to please her and help her live out her fantasy.

2. Know Her Fantasies
You won’t be able to do her sexual justice until you know what she really wants.

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3. Touch Her There
Be creative find a place were your woman likes most to be touched.. These include her hair, her neck, her ears — and her butt. Touch her in these places makes her turned on easly

4. Use Your Hands
Don’t underestimate what your hands can do to really bring her to the edge. Like pretty much everything else on this list, the slower you go, the better. Take at least five minutes to touch her everywhere

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