How to turn on 3G in Android Phone


Step by step on How to turn on 3G in Android Phone

If you are finding any difficulties in turning on 3G on your Android device then follow the below steps.

Tap the Menu icon.

Scroll towards right and select settings from the list.

Select Wireless Controls or Wireless & networks (as per OS versions).

Scroll down to select Mobile Networks.

You will get a list on the screen from which you have to select Network Mode.

A dialogue box will get populated in front of you with different options like WCDMA only, GSM only and GSM/WCDMA preferred.

You have to select GSM/WCDMA preferred option.

As soon as you will select this option, 3G is enabled on your phone.

Now if you are in 3G-enabled area and your device is 3G compatible, you are good to enjoy high speed internet services on your mobile phone.


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