How to Turn On or Off Auto Correct Features on Samsung Galaxy S3


Posted by Howtoturnon onMonday, April 20, 2015 Share this Samsung Galaxy S3 has a lot of useful automatic features that is on by default in this phone, one of them is auto rotate feature. This feature will allow your phone to customize the screen view or in other words this feature will keep its screen switching between portrait and landscape view in accordance with the position of your phone.

Other automated features available on this phone is auto correct. This feature will suggest you the word that might you mean and correcting it when you compose new email or new messages.

How to set auto-correct on or off?

For some reason you may want to set it on or off. Well, you can do this with ease as usual. All you need to do is following the simple steps below,

  •     Go to Settings through Samsung Galaxy SIII Home screen.
  •     Select Language and input.
  •     Swipe the switch next to the Predictive Text option to the left to turn it off.
  •     Or swipe the switch next to the Predictive Text option to the right to turn it back on.
  •     Done.

After you know how to set it on or off, now you can customize this feature mode in accordance with your wishes and needs. When you find this feature useful then keep it on, while if you feel that this feature annoys you then you can turn it off. So, try this useful method to suit your need of it then share your experience here through the comment below

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