How to Turn On/Off Camera Shutter Sound on Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung Galaxy S3 phone comes with advanced camera that equipped with some of useful features that will allow you to get better picture, even with this camera you can take HD videos or capture HDR photos with ease.

For some reason you may want to take a picture without the camera shutter sound, for example if you want to take a picture of your baby sleep or when you want to take pictures of another people without wanting to be known by anyone.

Well, you can do that by disabling your phone’s camera shutter sound..

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How to enable or disable the camera shutter sound?

As written on, to do so you just need to follow the easy steps below:
Go to Camera app through Home screen.
Tap on Settings gear located on the upper left screen.
Tap on Shutter sound to switch it on or off.

But, unfortunately on some carriers, you can not disable the camera shutter with the steps above, so the only way to disable this sound is to turn your phone’s sound into vibrate or silent mode. From the same source, there are 3 ways to turn into silent mode:

Pres and hold Power button
On the pop up menu select Silent mode
Now your phone will turn into silent mode

Go to Settings through Home screen.
Select Sound.
Tick the checkbox next to Silent mode option to disable all sound.
Now your phone will turn into silent mode.

Pres Volume down button to turn the volume to be vibrate or no sound setting.

Well, once you know how to disable the camera shutter on your Galaxy SIII, now you can take picture while your baby is sleeping or when you want to take pictures of people that you like without being noticed by anyone.

So, try this useful method then share your experience here through the comment below.


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