How to turn ON Location on Facebook


Facebook Location feature gives any Facebook user the ability to share His/Her Location.

The Location sharing service in Facebook helps users to share their current location in their posts or while using messages.

This feature is automatically ON on all users, But if its turned OFF you can turn it ON in your posts as well as messages.

Its Simple and Easy to do it… This can be done using both web browser and Facebook mobile app.

Well, Lets Get to the main Point, Here is How to turn ON location on Facebook using a web browser

If you are using Facebook on web, the location box will be on the left bottom corner on post box that will look like this location.

You can turn it ON easily when you are using Facebook on your computer.

To turn it ON Simply move your cursor to the sign “Add Location to Post” appearing in the post box and click on it to turn ON your location from that post. Just simple as that

However this is not permanently ON. You need to Add this every time you want to share your location.

How To Turn ON Location Service On Facebook Mobile

If you are using Facebook mobile app, then you can turn ON your location permanently for all messages and wall post by doing this;

All you have to do is to follow these steps:

1. Open your Facebook application
2. Just go to Settings. Open Settings (in android you need to tap menu button and then select settings)
3. Then go to Messenger location services and CHECKLocation is ON” then OK.

Its just as easy as that, But in case you want to turn it OFF all you have to do is do the same but UNCHECK the Marked settings

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