How to turn ON or OFF Gmail’s Inbox Tabs


Gmail's  Inbox Tabs
With Gmail Inbox tabs which was Actually announced back in May 2013. The feature automatically organize certain kinds of messages into tabs, greatly reducing inbox clutter in the process.

Lets say, all your notifications from social-media services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.) are being  sorted into the Social tab, while promotion offers from Godaddy, Groupon, LivingSocial, and other advertisers will land under Promos tab.

Gmails optional tabs Gmails optional tabs
Well, If you’re not yet seeing tabs when you sign into Gmail (Using your Web browser) or you want to make changes to the settings, Here is how to do this:

To enable or disable Gmail’s new tabs follow these steps

1. On the right side of the Gmail interface, find and click the little gear icon  – Settings.

2. Click Configure inbox.

3. Now choose which of the five available tabs you want to enable or disable. (Its best if you enable all five.) If you’re not sure exactly what each tab will give you, just mouse over the name of each one; Gmail will show you personalized examples (based on your own inbox) of the kinds of messages that’ll get sorted there.

4. Once you’ve made your selections, click Save.

Just that and your DONE

Note that for new Gmail users this tabs are showing automatically in Gmail, But  you can simply click the little plus sign on the right-most tab to access this same settings box.

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