How to turn on battery percentage on iPhone X


The screen of iPhone X does not leave room for displaying percentages. Many other arguments can be cited, but this will not change the fact that people are accustomed to always see the battery charge level in percent, even if it is optional. The lack of such an option causes many iPhone owners to have discomfort.

Despite the lack of an appropriate option in the “Settings”, you can still find out how much charge remains in percent.

  1. How to find the battery level of iPhone 10 in percent
  2. Touch your finger to the right “ear” at the top of the screen where the battery indicator is located.
  3. Swipe your finger down and call “Control Station”.
  4. An icon will appear in the upper right corner indicating the battery charge in percent.
  5. Slide your finger up the screen, closing the “Control Point”.

how to turn on battery percentage on iphone x photo

Of course, this method takes some time, unlike other iPhone, where the percentages are always visible on the screen.


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