How to turn off location on iPhone


Geolocation is one of the most “gluttonous” features of any smartphone and the iPhone is no exception. If you began to notice that your device was discharging much faster, it is possible that the problem is precisely the enabled geolocation. In this manual, we show how to turn off this function, and at the same time, give a couple of useful tips for using it.

Geolocation is used by many applications, and they do not need to be associated with maps and routeing. The standard Photo application, for example, calculates your location and assigns special tags to your photos, which makes it much easier to sort and find the pictures you need. Keep the geolocation in the active state always – the output is only for those users who have access to the charger during the day, but if you charge the iPhone only at home (or at work) – it will be necessary to get used to the simple procedure of activating / deactivating geolocation.

How to disable geolocation on iPhone
Step 1. Go to the “Settings” menu.
Step 2. Select the “Privacy” → “Location Services”.
Step 3. Turn off the “Location Services” radio button.
Step 4. Confirm the shutdown of the function by clicking the “Disable” in the pop-up window.

Location on iPhone photo

How to turn on location on iPhone

The same steps, but clicking the “Enable” in the pop-up window.


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